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We supply educational equipment that not only fully complies with the new national requirements of higher education standards but also exemplifies innovative approach to the laboratory practice. Our solutions reflect modern trends in physics instruction, and further introduce information and communication technologies in educational process.

A modern specialist must be able to manipulate with real-world objects and systems while recording and processing data. Our experiment are designed to teach students real physical experiment with a system of digital sensors. System of digital sensors bundles a set of equipment and software designed to control it via personal computer. The software is compatible with common data processing programs and allows for graphical representation of experimental data as functions of time or selected measured parameters. The equipment sets include suits of USB-compatible sensors.

We supply our laboratory equipment to the users in dozens of universities in Russia and other countries.

The experimental laboratory works cover basic courses on General Physics, Mechanics, Wave Processes, Molecular Physics, Electricity, Optics and Nuclear Physics.

However, our product offering goes beyond this list. We are constantly in search of new ideas for effective laboratory equipment which can be customized to your requirements. We can design, build and deliver an installation to fir your needs. In fact, some of our favorite installation were developed in response to customers’ requests.

Our equipment has a number of distinct advantages:

  • Our methodology seamlessly combines classic experiment and modern digital approach to data acquisition and processing
  • Excellent dependability and track record
  • Great terms of warranty and service
  • Competitive price

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