Children's Digital Laboratory "Savanto in Wissenland"

On Teacher's Day, Vice Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova visited the Moscow school №2030


On October 5, Vice Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova held an open lesson at school №2030. She recommended children to try doing work they like, learn new technologies, engage in networking, look at everything from a critical point of view, take the risk and most importantly “be able to make decisions and take responsibility for them”.

Before the lesson, Tatyana Golikova got acquainted with the motivating interactive environment developed and installed at the school with the participation of the «Navigator of educational technologies».

For many years now, school №2030 has successfully used educational equipment created by Scientific Entertainments at the physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and other lessons. Most popular are:

Children's Digital Laboratory «Savanto in Wissenland»;

Federal Educational Standard laboratories in physics and chemistry;

Digital laboratories in biology and ecology;

Educational research facility «Aerodynamics of air flow»

Educational kits for astronomy and others.

You can learn more about innovative lessons in school №2030 with our equipment on our website in the news section (February-March 2018).

Elements of astronomy today pass through all education, they are in primary and secondary schools. Thanks to project activities and research based on the Star World kit, children explore the Universe starting from 1st grade!

“Everything that you see has become possible thanks to the equipment supplied to the school as part of urban educational projects,” says school principal Natalia Ryabkova. — ”The study of astronomy has reached a completely new level, it is fascinating to learn. ”

At the same place, at a meeting with teachers, the Vice Premier reported that the government is budgeting 237.6 billion rubles for the “Modern School” project. Another 15 billion will be spent on teacher retraining. This money is supposed to be spent for six years. They will be given for the national project «Education», the launch of which is scheduled for January 1, 2019.

“The goal set by the president is Russia's entry into the top five of the world's strongest economies, and it makes education a priority,” she added.

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