From Paris To London, Or How Our Boy Genius Learned English


In January our company held a master class in Paris, on the grounds of newly inaugurated Russian Cultural Center. We presented our laboratory for children. We call this laboratory Savanto en Savantide in French.

The class welcomed young Russian-speaking Parisians from 2.5 to 6 year old with their education-minded parents. 

“Why is water wet?”

Our lab’s colorful trays with equipment triggered flood of questions from our young guests. Such strong curiosity presented a real test to our engineer and lab developer Mikhail Filonenko, who led the presentation. The preschoolers were asking about virtually everything: “How does a magnet work?”, ”Why ice-cream is cold?”, ”Where does the light in the flash light come from?”, ”What is electricity?” and so on, and on, and on!

Of course, in fielding those questions Mikhail was getting help from our little genius Savanto, who works in the lab. Savanto was actually provided many encouraging answers and voice-commented on the actions of children, who wasted no time to stage experiments in the lab. 


How to make electricity from a potato?

During the master class, boys and girls excitedly engaged all eight topical laboratory divisions. They created dozens of experiments and learnt a lot of things about light, sound, temperature, heart rate, electricity, forces and even acidity.

Traditionally, sound and magnetic field experiments drew the most heated interest. That once again proved that children of all countries love to discover and make real experiments on their own.

And modern digital lab for the children Savanto en Savantide helps in developing this intrinsic proclivity of young minds and spirits – to learn, to try, to find out new things.

From Paris to London We laid out plans to take the story of Savanto to other international venues. We want to show how to do scientific experiments to preschoolers and elementary school students. Savanto will feature at world-known BETT exhibition in London at the end of January, 2017. Our English site about Savanto is launched for this occasion and the lab itself is fully dubbed in English and in French by now.

For more on Savanto en Savantide or Scifun Steve in SciLand as we call it in English please visit http://org.naurasha.ru/eng/

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